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B5 Infant Complex
Vol: 5ml, 10ml, 100ml, 5ml
The patented Instant B5 Infant Complex four-fold combination formula was researched and developed specifically for severely damaged hair. This deep-conditioning treatment formula can repair, reorganise and rebuild the internal structures of your hair, thus fully repairing and regenerating dry, brittle hair plagued by split ends and a high level of protein and moisture loss, leaving them light, supple, healthy and beautiful.
- Complex 1 and Complex 2: Loaded with high-purity vitamin B5, moisturising factors and all other necessary nutrients needed by your hair, to permeate deeply into the hair core to rebuild and repair the damaged internal structures comprehensively.

- Complex 3: With deep-moisturising treatment formula to strengthen the hair core, increase the elasticity and toughness of your hair, and fully recharge the lost moisture and nutrients.

- Complex 4: Loaded with high-purity skin-permeable silicone oil, to repair the damaged squamous surface, in order to prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients, thus fully protecting the surface and restoring the dynamic vitality, health and glossiness of your hair.

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